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If you love popcorn (and who doesn’t?), we’ve found your fix. PoppedCorn founder Susan Michaletz has created a company like no other. With her first brick-and-mortar store in Minnetonka and a handy online shop, her business is booming. We spoke to her about what makes her gourmet treat truly special. For one, the business is family-run, with help from her daughter, Anna, and Anna’s boyfriend, Marcus — making the creations all the more meaningful. And with more than 70 flavors (from banana cream to jalapeño ranch), PoppedCorn isn’t your ordinary movie-theater snack. Our taste buds couldn’t be happier.

How did PoppedCorn get its start?

I saw the concept in Las Vegas at a store owned by my brother’s friends. I thought, Wouldn’t this be fun? When I left my job a few years later, I started looking for the next opportunity and realized I needed to create it. It took another 10 months to find a site.

How do you develop the unique flavors?

Everybody has an idea; we keep a list of suggested flavors in the kitchen. Many flavors are sparked by seasonings and flavorings offered by our suppliers.

What flavors have you tried that didn’t pan out?

Sriracha, honey barbecue, light cheese.

What are your favorite flavors?

My favorites are peanut butter chocolate and our baseball mix. Marcus likes fiery cheddar, and Anna’s favorite is spicy and hot cheese.

How has being family-run shaped the company?

It helps to have a sounding board, and more importantly, they stay until the work is done! I have gotten to know them at a level I would not have otherwise. Anna and Marcus moved here in August 2014 with the idea of staying six months to help me get started. They just bought a house here.

We know the popcorn is all the rage, but tell us a bit about the fudge.

I love making the fudge. I have a fabulous fudge kettle that does the mixing for me, which helps create the smooth, creamy texture. I will eventually need to bring someone on board to help make it, but for now, I make all the fudge. The newest flavor is black and white cookies and cream; it has a much richer flavor compared to regular cookies and cream.

What’s next for PoppedCorn?

A second location! I am currently looking at two areas. I hope to open next year.

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