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Celebrity trainer Erin Oprea and Bachelorette stars Shawn Booth and Kaitlyn Bristowe sat down with us to tell us a little more about their traveling workout, CityStrong. Benefitting the nonprofit CreatiVets, this high-energy event just made a stop in Minneapolis.

What inspired you to start CityStrong?

SHAWN BOOTH: Erin and I have always been big into fitness, and once I got engaged to Kaitlyn, I started getting her on the fitness bandwagon, too. We all became close friends and decided we wanted to do something on a bigger scale and share our passion for fitness. We came up with CityStrong and thought it was a cool way to have some fun and give back.

ERIN OPREA: We wanted to show that fitness doesn’t have to be boring— we wanted to make it more of a workout party. We also wanted to give back.

Are the workouts the same for every location?

EO: We change them up a little bit for each city.

How do you keep your clients on track with health goals?

EO: We show up at their door, which helps keep them on track. The best way to keep them on track is being upbeat and bringing energy to it — then they will want to do it. If you’re excited about it, they’re going to stay excited about it. It’s also about educating them — explaining that eating this would be better than that so they don’t obsess over what they “can’t have.”

What advice do you have for those looking to boost their fitness routines?

EO: Be active all day. It’s not just about your one-hour workout; it’s about your activity level throughout the day.

SB: Get yourself a Fitbit and track how much you move daily.

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