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Jessica Gylsen is a third-generation gemologist who embraces the exciting glittering world of diamonds and jewelry. After years of working for top luxury retailers, Gylsen created her own company, the Dazzling Concierge to combine her industry expertise and extensive knowledge with a personal touch to help clients find pieces perfectly fit for them. Here, Gylsen shares her process in curating fine jewelry, a few upcoming can’t-miss trends and more.

Artful Living | The Dazzling Concierge Curates Jewelry for Life’s Important Moments

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What inspired you to launch the Dazzling Concierge?

I grew up in my grandparents’ jewelry stores and knew from a very early age that this business was what I was meant to do. I began my career at 16, working in a traditional retail environment and had spent more than 20 years managing, sourcing, designing, and developing for a top luxury brand before deciding to launch my own company.

A traditional retail environment will always have its place, but in today’s modern world there are clients who don’t have the time or desire to shop in-store. My services blend the convenience of online shopping with the personal service, care and attention of traditional retail. The majority of my virtual consultations where I assist clients from across the country are done right in the heart of New York City’s historic Diamond District. This allows me to have immediate access to some of the finest diamonds and gemstones in the world. Jewelry is a luxury, but for many of my clients time simply is not. They come to me to simplify the jewelry searching process.

What are the core values of your business?

I would say the heart of the Dazzling Concierge is cultivating relationships, trust, education, quality, integrity and passion

Artful Living | The Dazzling Concierge Curates Jewelry for Life’s Important Moments

Can you share some key factors couples should consider when choosing an engagement ring?

Decades of experience has given me the innate ability to know the right questions to ask in order to understand each couple’s true wants and needs. I make recommendations and provide options accordingly. As a diamond concierge, I guide clients through the diamond buying process by educating through examples and comparisons. Modern technology, photography and videography allow me to provide a more in-depth look into the diamond than what many traditional environments offer. I consult with my clients to determine which attributes are most important to them. For some, the diamond size is the most important of the four Cs — cut, clarity, color and carat. Beauty, brilliance and budget all come into the conversation as well.

What do you take into consideration before helping someone select pieces for their collection?

Jewelry is one of the most sentimental purchases one will ever make. The pieces I offer are a tangible form of wearable emotion, art and value. At this level, jewelry becomes a passion asset. When consulting with clients, my recommendations and guidance are relationship based. I spend time getting to know each of my clients to understand their true wants and needs. Occasion, personality and wearability expectations all come into play before I begin presenting recommendations.

With the holiday season upon us, do you have any gift ideas you’d recommend?

A woman’s capsule collection should include a well-rounded selection of the classics before searching for pieces reserved for special occasions. Diamond stud earrings, a simple diamond pendant and a special right-hand ring are all excellent gifts that will bring years of daily love, wear and enjoyment. Every woman deserves the brilliant basics.

Artful Living | The Dazzling Concierge Curates Jewelry for Life’s Important Moments

What are the can’t-miss upcoming jewelry trends?

Looking to the end of 2023 and into 2024, jewelry trends lean toward understated luxury with a focus on versatility. The modern woman is everywhere in 24 hours. The trends are adapting to today’s lifestyle needs.

Gold that is bold and glamorous is making a strong comeback. Whether it’s engagement rings, chains, hoops, bracelets or timepieces, gold is reigning supreme. The delicate and dainty chains that have been popular the last several years are on their way out. Instead, expect to see trends gravitating towards singular, more substantial pieces.

Most of this year was dominated by pink, but red-hot sizzling scarlet is making a splashy entrance! From the revered ruby to the brilliant spinel, there is sure to be a colored gem from that pigment family to suit each individual’s unique personality.

Bracelets are also now considered essential in a jewelry collection. Layering is very much in vogue, and there are a variety of styles ranging from tennis bracelets and bangles to beads and cuffs that will easily align with both personal preferences and lifestyle.

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