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What makes the A List? Only the most stunning finds in the areas of home, style, adventure, and food and drink. Our criteria are simple. Each item must be authentic (genuine and true to its nature), coveted (longed for and in demand) and validated (meeting the highest standards).



Woodchuck Interiors

Wood Partitions

The latest concept from Woodchuck founder Ben VandenWymelenberg features innovative laser-cut wood products, like these modern, minimalistic room dividers. Interiors can be transformed with the warmth and timeless aesthetic of wood. Intricate patterns, even custom creations, can be built to meet even the most demanding space challenges. We love how they create intimate areas within open-plan living. And through Woodchuck’s Buy One, Plant One program, every panel comes with a certificate to locate the individual tree planted for that purchase.



Kotoubia Pausa Rug
Brooklyn, New York

Beautiful rugs can transform a room in a way no other floor covering can. Layered, thoughtfully placed or combined with carpet, these works of art catch our eye. Based in New York City, Eskayel is a textile design firm creating eco-friendly fabric, rugs, carpets, wall coverings and the like. These lasting investments are inspired by nature, with designs originating from travel photographs and paintings.


The Original Tree Swing

Disc Swing

Remember the thrill of swinging? These beautifully simplistic round tree swings are handmade from Minnesota ash. They blend in with their natural surroundings and, with 20 feet of rope, can be conveniently tied to most tree branches. The rope is smooth to the touch and UV- and rot-resistant. You can even add a custom engraved brass plaque to commemorate a special event or person.


Photography by 2nd Truth




The mother-daughter team behind the Minne-Skirt, Rose and Gretchen Heim, started their business some 50 miles south of the Canadian border. Offering unique cold-weather apparel and accessories, the collection meets the Minnesota winter challenge. This skirt is perfect for when icy winds start biting and you don’t feel like wearing traditional snow pants. Customers are loyal, whether locals or fans as far away as South America, and this enthusiasm is what energizes and inspires this duo.


Imogene + Willie

Catherine Indigo Rigid High-Rise Trouser
Nashville, Tennessee

Who doesn’t love the perfect denim pant? When we discovered Imogene + Willie’s effortlessly simply Catherine, we were smitten. Inspired by 1950s five-pocket jeans and made with 13.5-ounce Cone Mills denim, this trouser gives a nod to the glory days while honoring a powerful new feminine silhouette. The Catherine has a wide leg and a high waist, making it glamorous yet functional. It’s as easily paired with heels as with your favorite sneakers.



Extraordinary Face Oil for Antiaging
Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Circcell is a unique collection of targeted, botanically sourced skincare formulated in Wyoming, where the weather toggles from one harsh extreme to the other. Founder Maya Crothers developed this daily regimen to meet the demands placed on our skin. Our favorite product, the Extraordinary Face Oil for Antiaging, is a hard-working yet elegant formula. Through a unique fermentation process, the oil’s molecular size is reduced, allowing it to penetrate and absorb beautifully.



St. Croix Rods

Legend Black Ice Rod
Park Falls, Wisconsin

St. Croix Rods calls its creations “the best rods on earth,” and we happen to agree. It all started 70-plus years ago with a simple need: finding a way to transport long fishing poles. As a solution, founding brothers Bob and Bill Johnson created the first multi-section bamboo fishing pole. This seemingly simple idea launched both a new product and a new company. We were especially intrigued with the innovative Legend Black Ice Rod, which boasts a patented built-in strike indicator system that lets anglers see even the most subtle bump well before it can be felt.


Barebones Living

Cast Iron Dutch Oven Classic Kit
Salt Lake City, Utah

Do we dare call cast iron beautiful? These Barebones Living pieces certainly are. They have a greater proportion of steel than most, meaning they are better tempered to handle rapid temperature change while remaining lighter than traditional pieces. Combining artistry and craftsmanship, each item is pre-seasoned with organic oils. The surface is left ever so raw so that the oil is better absorbed, resulting in a skillet that is perfect right from the start.


Frost River

Highway 1 Panniers

Panniers are an essential part of any long-distance tour. These Minnesota-made saddlebags with universal attachments fit most bikes. Waxed-canvas construction with leather and brass details make them both classic and distinctive. Everything Frost River produces is reliable, purpose-built and made to Old World standards, resulting in timeless gear you’ll use for years. You’ll want these carefully crafted pieces to carry all your essentials, even for trips close to home.

Food and Drink

Photography by 2nd Truth


Brubaker Acres

Blanton’s Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup
Grand Rapids

What started as an idea — aging syrup in a used bourbon barrel — ultimately led to a new product. Ryan Brubaker, his wife, Ashley, and their friend Tony Delich are now working with a world-renowned bourbon brand to create some of the finest small-batch maple syrup. As with any delicious recipe, there is an art to the science. The special grade of maple syrup runs for a limited time during the season. It is then aged to perfection, mixing with the smooth, complex bourbon flavors from the barrels. And the proof is in the syrup: All 825 introductory bottles sold in 12 hours. Look for the next release to hit this December.


Northern Waters Smokehaus

Lake Superior Smoked Whitefish

A North Shore tradition for centuries, this smoked whitefish is mild, moist and buttery. It is first brined then cooled overnight before being smoked for several hours. We also love the Lake Superior Bounty Box with both whitefish and smoked Superior trout. Depending on season, temperature and lake conditions, these freshly caught fish will arrive at your home within two days. It’s easy to understand why this is a Bon Appétit favorite.


Moon Juice

Blue Beauty Adaptogenic Protein
Venice, California

Moon Juice has done it again. Founder Amanda Chantal Bacon is encouraging us to reconsider the modern pantry and incorporate the brand’s collection of adaptogens, super herbs and super mushrooms. Blue Beauty Adaptogenic Protein helps reduce stress, restore and sustain energy, and preserve natural collagen and elasticity. Simply add to your favorite smoothie, drink or baked good recipe.

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