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Tangletown Gardens | Artful Living Magazine

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Tangletown Gardens prides itself in revolutionary thinking when it comes to garden design and how it cultivates its fantastic supply. Everything grown at Tangletown Garden’s 140-acre farm in Plato creates its ornamental plant palette consisting of thousands of perennials, annuals and vegetable varieties, along with the most diverse group of unusual and hard-to-find woody plants in the Upper Midwest. Tangletown Gardens hopes that its excitement and passion is contagious across Minnesota and helps inspire residents to find and enjoy nature. If you’re looking to experience Tangletown Gardens but don’t know where to begin, here are 5 ways to shop the garden center and beyond.

Tangletown Gardens | Artful Living Magazine


Buying edibles at Tangletown Gardens is all about knowing exactly where they came from and that they were grown right. Every acre of the farm is nourished and cared for in a way that is not only good for that year’s crops, but for future crops and the environment. Regenerative agriculture is an everyday practice, and all produce is grown without hormones or toxic chemicals. There are many ways to source edibles from Tangletown Gardens, including plants to grow at home at the garden center or the Wise Acre Market, which features ready-to-eat produce. You can also purchase produce and meats through Tangletown Garden’s Summer CSA Share program and the weekly Farm Direct Store.

Tangletown Gardens | Artful Living Magazine


Annuals offer a popular way to add color to outdoor spaces. The garden center is ever-evolving with beautiful, strong and healthy plants that are proudly grown without any harmful chemicals or unintended environmental consequences. There’s a huge variety of unique annuals to choose from. These amazing plants are not just for sale at the garden center but are also forged in uber creative landscapes and containers all across the Twin Cities. If you are in search of some guidance or someone to create for you, reach out to Tangletown Gardens to connect with a designer.

Tangletown Gardens | Artful Living Magazine


Perennials bring lasting design to the landscape of your home. There’s a wide variety of sun and shade perennials that bloom throughout every season, so you never have to spend a spring, summer or fall day without blossoming color. All perennials are locally grown without any harmful chemicals, so you can feel good about what you are putting in the ground. The unique varieties include pollinator-friendly, Minnesota-native favorites and much more.

Tangletown Gardens | Artful Living Magazine


The passion for houseplants is growing, and Tangletown Gardens couldn’t be more excited. Incorporating houseplants into your home’s spaces has many benefits, including stress relief, increased productivity and improved air quality — not to mention the aesthetic benefits. Tangletown Gardens is committed to expanding its assortment of houseplants grown at the farm and is always looking for the most unique and hard-to-find varieties to add to its selection.

Tangletown Gardens | Artful Living Magazine

Garden Art and Pottery

Tangletown Garden’s mission is to hand select inspiring and original garden art and pottery. Everyone has a unique style, and Tangletown Gardens strives to host something special that aligns with every guest’s individual personality. The garden center is brimming with classic, contemporary and one-of-a-kind art from near and far with a large selection of beautiful pieces in an array of materials, finishes and styles that are ready to complement any home or landscape.

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