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What makes Tangletown Gardens unique? The fact that most of the plants sold at the garden center used for both landscaping and container design are grown at Tangletown’s farm and greenhouses — meaning everything is grown in-house. Tangletown Gardens grows 90% of the outdoor plants found at the garden center during the growing season, and the farm supplies its restaurant, Wise Acre Eatery, with sustainably grown meats and organic produce.

The local company also offers Tangletown-grown foods made available through meat sharing, small produce markets and CSA shares. Tangletown Gardens takes great care in saving its organic waste from these jobs to bring back to the farm to compost and use to grow new plants. It also recycles and reuses all its plastic plant containers for any farm-grown plants.

Here, Tangletown Gardens shares 6 simple ways you can spruce up your home spaces.

Photography provided by Tangletown Gardens

Garden Containers

There’s no other type of gardening that offers instant gratification in the way a container garden can because containers bridge the gap between your home and your garden. They can be used as experimental playing fields for plant enthusiasts and designers, allowing for great plant diversity in very little space. Creating an ensemble of complementary pieces that work together and are full of big, bold colors and textures is a great way to celebrate the summer season. As long as you choose plants that have similar growing conditions, you can be as free as you’d like to create a summer masterpiece for your outdoor spaces.


Houseplants are wonderful because they add instant liveliness to a room, can define your space, and draw the eye to an otherwise empty corner or high shelf. When paired with a unique container, you can emphasize your style, whether it’s modern, traditional or colorful. Houseplants are also a wonderful way to experience gardening, especially if you live in a building without an outdoor space. The shop at our garden center has an ever-evolving selection of containers in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors. All of the available containers have been individually curated to bring customers the newest and trendiest styles in home and plant decor.

Succulent Bowls

Succulent bowls are one of the easiest and coolest ways to add plant interest to your space. Succulents are one of the lower maintenance houseplants to care for because they like to completely dry out between watering sessions and are at their happiest in bright sunlight. Whether they are next to a warm window indoors or on a sunny patio outside, we like to give our succulents a summer vacation from the outdoors during the garden season. We are proud that we have cultivated a wide array of succulents that have been grown sustainably with love and without chemicals on our farm in Plato.

Garden Art

A wonderful addition to any outdoor space is a piece of garden art. Adding a statue or other artistic piece to your garden creates an eye-grabbing, zero-maintenance statement that will be beautiful for years to come. Our garden center provides a wide range of garden art, including stately Roman-inspired statues, quirky iron farm animals and more. We are also proud to carry locally made pieces, such as our whimsical metal orbs that work great as standalone pieces or integrated into container designs to add extra dimension. Garden art allows you to further integrate your personality into your outdoor space.

Wall Art

Just as garden art can bring personality and style to your outdoor spaces, wall art can do the same for your spaces indoors. We search high and low to curate a collection of unique wall art, including botanic prints on handmade paper and canvas prints featuring images from the Tangletown Gardens farm. Wall art can also be a way to create a calming or uplifting atmosphere, whether it be a beautiful print transporting you to an idyllic setting or words of wisdom that are a welcome daily reminder.

DIY Herb Garden

It doesn’t get more local than growing your own fresh herbs. All of Tangletown Garden’s herbs have been sustainably grown on the farm, just like the produce for our weekly CSA program. We love to integrate herbs into existing garden beds and into individual vessels for a sensory-filled addition to any outdoor space. Picking your own herbs for your meals or drinks is a wonderful summer experience. Additionally, herbs are a great way to spruce up your space because they grow quickly and thrive in the summer heat. Don’t be afraid to mix edibles into your garden spaces for added texture and scent among your ornamental plants.

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