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While we continue to stay home, our personal spaces have become more important to us than ever before and are worth recognizing. In the coming weeks, we will be appreciating the living spaces where interior designers, business leaders and other notables are spending their time these days. Suzanne Kickhaefer, senior interior designer at Martin Patrick 3, shared with us her bright home and how her skill for design shows through the realized vision for her own living space.

What’s your approach to design when it comes to your own living space?

Beautiful. Functional. Livable.

What are some of your favorite decor, design or architectural elements in your home?

I love soaring ceilings and tons of windows. It creates the feeling of living in a treehouse. I also love great, interesting and unexpected art.

How did you approach the design of your home?

It was a full gut and remodel because the house was caught in an eighties time warp. I liked the footprint in general, but I modified the spaces to fit our family. I wanted the backdrop to be serene with mostly glass, white walls and dark floors, allowing all the nature to be a part of the inside. Pops of color bring the punch through artwork, lighting and other decorative touches.

Photography provided by Suzanne Kickhaefer

What’s your process for finding pieces for your home?

Because sourcing is such a large part of my job, I am exposed to new materials, finishes and products every day. It is more about editing than discovery, and there are so many wonderful things out there. There’s a lot of pinning, posting, and other online searching and following activity.

If you could add one design item to your home, what would it be?

A beautifully landscaped pool.

Do you have a favorite room?

My sun porch. It is light and bright with crazy, fun wall coverings that can only be seen from inside the space. On a beautiful day, there is no better location. And only being able to enjoy this space a few months a year makes it extra special.

What room do you spend most of your time in? How does this room serve you?

The kitchen, because life for our family happens there. It is where we re-energize and connect with one another.

How are your personal spaces bringing you comfort or joy right now?

I feel blessed to have the comfort and space we have — so many are not so fortunate.

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