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Both Stephany Eaton and her award-winning firm, PureAlchemy Design, are grounded in the transformative power of design. When Prestige Global Meeting Source approached her to refresh its Minneapolis headquarters, she met the challenge with her unique alchemical approach. The travel-centric firm has experienced a workplace renaissance, including a significant culture shift and unprecedented growth in the wake of the global pandemic. “Their business is a dynamic mix of traditional office work, travel and hospitality,” notes Eaton. “This space gives them a place to work, invite clients and partners in, and to celebrate their unique culture.”

Stephany Eaton of PureAlchemy Design Creates a Dynamic Work Destination

Photography by Stephen Voegeli

The client’s primary goal was to make connection and collaboration easy and organic. Eaton tailored the workplace to not only support daily office-goers but also to create a natural draw for virtual workers. A perfect balance of adjustable desking, cozy sofas, high-top tables, quiet booths and private offices now fills the interior landscape, offering settings fit to every mood and moment. She strategically placed collaborative zones throughout the space to cater to a variety of work preferences, making team building a natural part of the experience.

Eaton chose a refined black and gray palette that allows the interiors’ original character to shine while blending the historic charm of the North Loop Minneapolis building with the company’s modern brand. To visually underscore the firm’s spirit during meetings, events and virtual engagements, she strategically incorporated the logo into the environment. A backlit monogram greets visitors as they step off the elevator, while a sleek sign serves as a striking backdrop for video calls.

Artful Living | Stephany Eaton of PureAlchemy Design Creates a Dynamic Work Destination

Photography provided by PureAlchemy Design

Prestige’s owners wanted to incorporate statement-making details into the design, like the reclaimed barn wood from a family farm that celebrates a shared connection to South Dakota. Eaton gave this rustic touch a modern twist by pairing it with sharp gray carpet-tile, continuing the linear pattern of the preserved wood into the floor below. A new water-vapor fireplace adds visual warmth and elegance into the interiors sustainably. Large glass panels from eras past were found in the space and repurposed as the office’s front windows, simultaneously providing privacy and enhancing natural light. Photographs from the 1900s that capture the building’s time operating as a box factory now adorn two desk niches, connecting past and present.

“When designing a workspace or any place where individuals will spend a great deal of time, it is critically important to design from the human sustainability perspective,” Eaton emphasizes. To that end, daylighting and ergonomic support were early considerations. Creating transparency between office areas lets more natural light fill the space, which helps boost serotonin levels and keep circadian rhythms in check. Posture-focused comfort in a variety of workstyles can be found throughout the layout. To wit: The new quiet booths offer a reprieve from noise stress or a place for a private call, prioritizing employee well-being.

Artful Living | Stephany Eaton of PureAlchemy Design Creates a Dynamic Work Destination

Photography by Stephen Voegeli

“This is one of the most honest projects I’ve had the pleasure of working on,” shares Eaton. “The owners gave me the room to work with my vision for the space, which at times took some trust on their part. It’s always a gift to be able to invest in a concept to enhance a space, and with this project, I was empowered to follow my inspiration.”

The result is more than just a workplace; it’s a destination embodying the company’s unique culture. Eaton navigated the firm’s dynamic needs to balance the demands of a traditional office with increased remote collaboration, ultimately creating a modern environment that elevates the conventional work experience and embodies the team’s elevated performance and commitment to an innovative, sustainable future. Whether in-person or virtual, employees and clients alike experience an environment designed to inspire.

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