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On December 2, artist and Citizen-T founder Stephanie Dillon will be hosting an evening of sustainable art and fashion at the Shops at West End benefitting the ModaCARES Foundation and M Health Fairview Masonic Children’s Hospital. This exciting event will include shopping, canapés, cocktails and a fashion show by Grant Whittaker. We chatted with Dillon about sustainability, her art and what guests can expect at her upcoming event.

What inspired this art and clothing collection?

I would say the Code Red climate action initiative. As a participant in global humanity, I am incredibly concerned about climate change, and dedicating this new series of clothing and art to action felt like the right thing to do. I am incredibly concerned about what has happened environmentally, and I’m really trying to bring attention to the things that we need to be doing differently.

Photography provided by Stephanie Dillon

How do you approach sustainability?

I reuse as much as possible. When it comes to clothing, I use items that are sourced from Goodwill or Wearable Collections. I transition the pieces of previously loved things into works of art. I do the same thing with canvas. I try to source from secondhand stores, create art and then sell. I try not to create an entirely new footprint, and I’m making the effort to be conscientious about how much I use manufactured goods versus goods that already exist.

What types of clothing do you prefer working with?

I am a huge fan of the graphic tee. There is an abundance of this type of inventory in the merchandising industry, so for me, it’s an opportunity to take what already exists, turn the shirts inside out and use them to showcase art, philanthropy and more.

What can guests expect at your upcoming event?

My hope is that guests have an incredible shopping experience without being cognizant that it’s a sustainable fashion brand — and leave recognizing that this type of fashion can be considered high fashion. I want guests to walk away with the idea that something used can still be considered beautiful, what we have is enough and art is everywhere.

What’s next for you and your work?

My hope for Citizen-T is that we become the first global non-manufactured merchandising company. That we can prove that you can take one T-shirt and sell it globally in mass quantities without manufacturing it.

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