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Bringing the world to you, Sovereign Collective is the only online shopping destination that lets you shop by city from the comfort of your own home. It was founded by actress Kelly Rutherford and Minnesotan Molly Hanten, who share a passion for travel, discovery and supporting style entrepreneurs worldwide. Here, they explain what inspired the launch of Sovereign Collective, which brands they’re loving right now and more.

Photography by Leina Jung

What inspired the launch of Sovereign Collective?

Being stuck at home without traveling really made us realize how much we missed connecting with creators worldwide. We missed the discovery process that travel brings into our lives, so we decided to build a platform around it. We also wanted to be a part of the slow fashion movement and promote small brands and artisans globally.

How does the platform work for both sellers and shoppers?

Sellers can create their own shop and select their own photos, descriptions, pricing and more. The name Sovereign Collective grants them just that: sovereignty to be their own brand simply living on our platform. We also take care of all customs, logistics and tariffs, making it much easier to grow.

Shoppers can explore new cities around the world, and support and discover global entrepreneurs. They also get to order from all these places while we take care of all the global logistics, with a box from around the world arriving at their door.

What has the process been like getting brands involved from all over the world?

It’s been unbelievingly fun, inspiring and a true whirlwind. We took a trip to Europe in July and met with countless brands and entrepreneurs. They were all so thrilled with our solution and were so eager to join. We spend our days reaching out to new partners in different countries and listening to their stories of how they began. It’s been beautiful to connect and learn from each brand.

What are some of your favorite brands on the platform?

We aren’t just saying this, but we do love them all so much! A few brands that have stolen our hearts were the first to join, including Flair Bodysuits, Manal Paris and Anna Mason London.

How does Sovereign Collective set itself apart as a retail destination?

We are recreating the experience you get when you intimately discover a city. Customers can meet artists, winemakers, boutique owners, vintage shops and more all through the platform. It’s truly a unique online experience with so many stories behind each purchase.

What does the future look like for Sovereign Collective?

We look forward to bringing content to the platform and allowing customers to shop boutiques in hotels that you have memories from, cheese from places around the world and create experiences you can book for your next trip. We hope to become a real-life city guide that you can shop from home and build a bucket list for future travel.

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