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Over the past four years, She She’s Kate Worum and Jenny Jorgensen have grown accustomed to spending extreme amounts of time together. So a forced separation was a shock to the system for the first few months of quarantine. They decided to both take the time to focus on individual projects inside their personal homes. The “Spring Chinoiserie” slowly blossomed onto Worum’s bedroom wall, while Jorgensen focused on “She’s Not Kitting Around,” a guest bedroom turned nursery for her little girl who arrived at the end of May.

Photography provided by She She

She She is offering a glimpse into the process that resulted from their new way of life. The climbing botanical of “Spring Chinoiserie” was started before everyone hunkered down amid the coronavirus outbreak, but as weeks and months passed, the artwork evolved — inspired mostly by the seasonal shift from spring to summer. It began with bare branches then blooms and leaves were added as they blossomed outside. Eventually, a little whim and some trademark She She drama was thrown in, with Jorgensen’s favorite rare rose and a few robins that would fly up and perch outside Worum’s window each morning. One week, a caged love dove was added to the wall, followed by the wild Midwestern peacock known for its outgoing personality and love of socializing.

She She’s “Spring Chinoiserie” will continue to evolve over the coming year as it has become the duo’s personal journal to remember and commemorate this time for years to come.

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