Rosenthal Interiors has been a downtown Minneapolis fixture since it opened its doors in 1895 as a first-of-its-kind, family-owned furniture store. Its founding principles? Exceptional furnishings and superior customer service. That tradition of excellence continues today under fourth generation owner Rosie Lebewitz.

“We have gone from a mom-and-pop store to the largest contemporary store in the Midwest as well as a one-stop shop for interior-design services,” she notes. “It’s important to me to bring the grandest vision of Rosenthal Interiors to life.”

The store’s recent renaming (from its former Rosenthal Furniture) and impressive remodel was a natural evolution. “The remodel came from a creative need of customers, who wanted access to designers and knowledgeable people to help them create their dream spaces,” explains Lebewitz. “Rosenthal has always strived to be innovative and different. We are committed to quality.” As part of the revamp, she traveled to Milan to bring the hottest Italian furnishings — think edgy, high-style pieces — to the Minneapolis market. (Check out her full trend report.)

Another differentiating point? Rosenthal exclusively features fine art created by local artists in its updated 18,000-square-foot showroom. “This is a win–win that warrants us and the artist the opportunity to place their work within beautiful vignettes and settings to showcase their fine art to the fullest potential,” notes Lebewitz.

And although the rebranding came about just recently, the interior-design services have been on offer — and in high demand — for years. Among Lebewitz’s favorite projects? “We did one of our very first full contemporary homes in Crosby — a beautiful angular home in the woods, right on the lake,” she recalls. “The owners wanted everything contemporary and edgy, which gave us the opportunity to really flex our creative muscles. There simply is nothing like it out there!”