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Photography provided by @theworldofdoug Fall is an interesting time for me because I’m always switching things up. I used to dread this time of year because it meant back to school. It was a time of change with a lot of unknowns, and I always found myself feeling rather uncomfortable. Having little say in the matter, I just went for it, and each year I learned new things, met new people and had experiences that added to my character.

When I became an adult with a more stable life, I found myself endlessly craving newness throughout the entire autumnal season. I began revolting against the familiar and seeking out things to jog my nostalgia for something to fill this specific need. It’s a pattern that has stuck with me and is usually triggered as the leaves begin to fall. I’m starting new routines, creating new habits, trying new gadgets and embracing new experiences. Here are 6 things to consider implementing into your routine to reset your cycle and create some excitement as you transition into fall.

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Find a New Workout Routine

I’m not sure why, but I always find my way to a new workout routine in the fall so I’m in great shape by the time I sit down for Thanksgiving dinner and feel less guilty camping out by the holiday cookie platter. A few years ago, I embarked on a new fitness routine at Orange Theory and discovered my optimal fat-burning zone. The year after that, I found Alchemy, which is a fusion of yoga, strength and high-intensity interval training. Most recently, I joined Basecamp, which is a short but not-so-sweet workout program. It’s only a 35-minute experience, but every second becomes more intense as you move between bike and strength exercises with weights and body resistance. So far, Basecamp has provided a consistent rush that keeps me coming back for more.

If you’re not a joiner of just one workout destination, try the Classpass app, which allows you to sign up for fitness classes at participating gyms, health clubs and fitness studios. You pay a monthly fee depending on how often you want to work out and you can go wherever you want. It’s essentially an exercise buffet: I can have what I want when I want it.

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Fill Your Social Calendar

The warm season has officially come to its end, meaning people are no longer escaping town together, frequenting their cabins and beach houses. To ensure you don’t drop off the face of the planet, make a list of whom you want to connect (or reconnect) with and start actively securing dates to meet up. Catch up in style by creating a roster of new restaurants or lounges you’ve wanted to try to continue encouraging your drive for discovery. For instance, ask if your pal wants to check out the new Restoration Hardware gallery in Edina for dinner in the beautifully enclosed rooftop with cozy couches surrounded by lush greenery and flowing fountains all under crystal chandeliers. If the stars align, you’ll probably run into other people on your connections list.

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Modify Your Mood

Whether or not you consciously feel it, as the daylight dims, so do our moods. I often work from my home office, which is isolating enough, but as the days get shorter, my energy dips and it’s harder to work at my computer with less daylight. To remedy this feeling, I recently bought a Dyson Lightcycle task light. It’s this beautiful fixture that includes a daylight-tracking system and an app that syncs to my geographic location, adjusting the color and brightness to where I live.

The Lightcycle also offers true daylight tones that shift and adjust as the natural light changes throughout the day. I wouldn’t call it a “happy light,” but it keeps the indoor lighting consistent with outdoor and it buffers with the state of the UV rays on cloudy days. Using this lamp has led to more consistent energy throughout my days (and with less eyestrain at that). Thus, I’m no longer cringing when the sun starts to set.

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Get Into Game Night

The irony of me recommending a game night is that I’ve had a phobia of game nights for a really long time. I honestly thought they seemed so lame, but I recently attended one and I think I had more fun than anyone else in the room. In a word, it was liberating to be there — a sweet escape from networking gossip and the perfect forum for talking about all The Real Housewives.

I recently discovered multiple elegant games at Martin Patrick 3 created by Aurosi, Jonathan Adler, and Wild & Wolf, and they’ve inspired me to host my own upscale game night. I’m planning to make punch and serve chic hors d’oeuvres to ensure it feels more refined than chips in a plastic bowl. In conclusion, set the goal to host a game night that everyone wants to be at (or wish they wouldn’t have missed).

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Seek Out a Healer

If something isn’t feeling right within your mind or body, find a professional to guide you toward relief. I personally call these people healers: someone who is an expert in something that can bring great value to your life. These include doctors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, massage therapists, personal trainers and more.

A couple months ago, my chronic neck pain (most likely linked to my excessive phone usage) was acting up, so I was out in the field looking for a chiropractor. Lucky for me, I ran into Dr. Joessa Austin at the grocery store and she said, “Doug! I follow you on Instagram.” Turns out she’s a chiropractor and intuitive healer who uses holistic remedies to heal the mind, body and soul. I took this as a sign to start following @drjoessa and booked an appointment shortly thereafter.

On my first visit to her studio, Jai Healing, Austin conducted a muscle testing that consisted of holding up my arm, putting herbs by certain parts of my body and asking me to push against her hand. Five minutes later, she concluded that my adrenal glands were not functioning at optimal levels and explained that that’s why my eyes are so puffy when I wake up. After lighting some palo santo to clear the energy in the room, she gave me one of the best adjustments I’ve ever had. She then put me on a regimen of Spanish black radish to charge my adrenals and sent me on my way.

I’ve been seeing Austin weekly for two months now, and through cupping, Reiki, chiropractic adjustments, and intuitive energy work using the sound bowl and gong, not only is my spine back in alignment, but my energy is up and my skin is clearer than ever. I can’t exactly say why, but I believe when I take a step toward something new and trust that I’m led to certain people for a reason, good things happen. I could call her my chiropractor, but I feel like “healer” is more fitting. Five years ago if I told someone I was seeing a healer, they would have rolled their eyes. Today when I say it, people instantly ask for her number.

Photography provided by Gabrielle Bernstein

Tap Into Some Much-Needed Self-Help

In the past when I’ve felt so much dread about trying new things, I’ve later discovered it was only my habitual projection of worst-case scenarios. What I’ve learned on my journey is that feeling negative in any amount does no one any favors, thus I’ve adamantly studied and practiced the art of self-help. In October 2010, I met Gabrielle Bernstein, a best-selling author who shares tools for cleaning up your energy and living more freely.

Bernstein’s latest book, Super Attractor, came out in September, and just by reading her words, I’ve already had some pep added to my step. The book shares tools to help make you feel good in any moment. When we feel good, we are kinder to others. Life seems to flow, and we attract more of the things we want into our life. Super Attractor isn’t so much about manifesting specific things but more about creating good feelings that prime our optimal attraction point, which leads to more joy and abundance. As I read the book and execute the exercises, I know I can feel happier and enjoy the life I’m living right now while I patiently wait for that yacht on my manifestation board to show up.

Doug Marshall is a writer, mindset coach and self-help enthusiast. Find him at

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