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I had wanted a Pura Smart Device since last year but was unable to get my hands on one because they kept selling out, and for good reason. I was finally able to get one early this spring, and I’m glad to report it was definitely worth the wait.

The Pura is an app-controlled fragrance diffuser. Think of it like a Nest thermostat that produces any fragrance you’d like. It can be turned on and off from anywhere you may find yourself, and you can set custom schedules so it diffuses only when you want it to as well as adjust the intensity depending on the size of the space. Even more sophisticated is the geofencing feature. The device can detect your phone and you can choose for it to only run when you’re at home. I like this feature because none of the fragrance ends up getting wasted.

Pura x Apotheke Fragrance Diffuser | Artful Living Magazine

Photography provided by Apotheke

Each diffuser holds two scent cartridges, and big name fragrance brands like Apotheke have already hopped on board for some major collaborations. My personal favorites are the Sea Salt Grapefruit and White Vetiver signature scents by Apotheke, but I don’t think you can go wrong with any musk of your choosing.

Unlike other fragrance diffusers that can contain toxic ingredients, the Pura fragrance cartridges are made cruelty-free with zero harmful toxins and zero artificial preservatives. Plus they are safe for use around pets. The cartridges are even recyclable. It’s officially time to say goodbye to the days of flipping the reeds in traditional fragrance diffusers. Hello, Pura.

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