Three Twin Cities tastemakers take the luxury SUV for a spin.


Andrea Swan


Coming from a family of Eastern European descent with a preference for German-made cars, I was positively giddy at the chance to experience the Porsche Macan. I’ve always found the brand to be smart, sophisticated and luxuriously stylish.

I am the mom of two young children and am often driving to construction sites, so practicality and safety are key. The Macan surpassed my expectations in many ways. The front and rear cameras made it so easy to move without stress or suspense. And when driving home in the first snowstorm of the year, I felt zero loss of traction.

The dash was created by the same people who design for Boeing, I was told when I picked up the SUV. Not only is the design of the controls intuitive, which makes operation safer, but it’s cool, too. And the heated and cooled seats, heated steering wheel, and auto temperature controls all made for a comfortable ride.

But the practical things are what the mom in me truly appreciated: the clever location of the rear-door opener. The perfect height for getting my toddler in and out of the car seat. The Wi-Fi that came in handy on longer trips. The large tank size and efficient gas mileage, which meant I only had to fill up every couple weeks (an activity I loathe).

I’m admittedly not a huge auto aficionado. But now, after the opportunity to experience the Macan, I’m preparing myself for the emotional goodbye that will inevitably occur when I have to return it. It’s been a first-class Cinderella experience, and the ball is coming to its end. I may just have to consider keeping it so that the fantasy can continue.

Chris Plantan

Creative Director and Product Designer

Porsche: It’s not just driving. It’s an experience.

With its unrivaled beauty and proven performance, this illustrious brand has always piqued my interest. So I was thrilled at the opportunity to participate in the Macan Experience. While anticipating the first ride and pulling up to the dealership, I found myself thinking about this match made in heaven. It made me contemplate why we choose the cars we do.

As consumers, we buy not only products that we need, but those we see as consistent with our self-concept. We want our products to match who we think we are. I’ve worked hard to build my career, and the choices I make are very deliberate. And leaving a good impression is more important than ever. Can a car help with that? The Porsche Macan did just that and more, appearing aggressively athletic on the track and enviably stylish on the street.

Setting aside its beauty, the functional Macan had everything I was looking for, from the expansive dash and ability to view the road ahead to the ease of getting in and out. Being able to get products and presentations out of the vehicle and into the office was easy thanks to intuitive design elements and innovative convenience technology.

The sales and service staff are enthusiastic about their brand, their team and the cars they drive. They made sure my experience was pleasant and professional. With the attention to detail and continuous innovations in product and service, it’s no wonder people who drive Porsches love them so much.

Colleen Eversman


“There is no substitute.” Porsche’s slogan couldn’t be closer to the truth. There really is no substitute for this beautifully designed, expertly built vehicle.

When I arrived at the dealership, I didn’t know what to expect. The experience was beyond impressive. My sales representative was deeply knowledgeable and thorough — no feature went unexplained. My initial thought when I got into the driver’s seat was, Is this a dream?

As I got to know the SUV, I started thinking about how it was fitting into my life. I was surprised how it made me feel more distinguished; I felt proud to be driving the Macan. The interior leather is rich and supple, and the ride itself is smooth yet powerful. The heated steering wheel, custom seat settings for the driver and passenger, panoramic sunroof, and Apple CarPlay are some of my favorite features.

I spend a lot of time driving to meetings and shoots, running errands, and taking my dog to the park, so having a vehicle that can meet my utility needs while looking and driving great is a win-win. Luxury comes in many forms, but the Macan is in a league of its own.

To experience the Porsche Macan for yourself, visit Porsche Minneapolis.