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Passing Wind stands alone as the life’s work of the incredibly skillful yacht builder and designer Vic Carpenter. The 62-foot custom cruiser is a stunning piece of craftsmanship with plank and beam construction and epoxy resin coating both inside and out.

Photography provided by Boathouse Auctions

Built over a six-year period, Passing Wind was Carpenter’s final construction project and was built for his own personal use. He launched the masterpiece from Canada on Lake Huron, where it sailed until 1999. The boat was eventually relocated to Newport, Rhode Island, where it sat under wraps. Six years later, a local discovered the vessel (with only its 90-foot spruce spar visible) and instantly fell in love. Everything had been perfectly preserved, from the incredible woodwork and finish to the suite of sails and lines. It was eventually brought up to speed with new electronics and equipment, and went on to win its class in the 2006 Newport Bermuda Race.

There are no shortcuts in the craftsmanship and woodworking of Passing Wind, all done by Carpenter himself. The one-piece solid slab doors of Honduran mahogany and beautiful inlay work on the counters, tables and transom are worthy of any art gallery. The boat is built entirely of wood with one-inch-thick decking constructed from three layers of laminated red cedar and mahogany. Custom hardware and fine leather-covered settees and cushions speak to the owner’s wish to have a competitive ocean racing yacht with sumptuous yet practical accommodations. Passing Wind is spectacular in all facets and represents a truly one-of-a-kind buying opportunity.

Visit Boathouse Auctions for more information. Bidding opens on November 4, starting at $400,000.

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