The Big Game Comes to the Bold North

Summer 2014 Issue

  Letter from the Publisher Time Over Money At the start of every summer, I tell myself that I am going to slow down and enjoy more free time. I have not been very successful. Why do most of us feel like we never have enough time? The demands of modern life never seem to cease. Juggling work, family obligations and multiple activities can be[...]

Spring 2014 Issue

Letter from the Publisher Far From Funnies If a cartoon is defined as a simple line drawing showing the features of its subjects in a humorous and exaggerated way, Charles Schulz did it best, demonstrating one thought in the guise of another. It seems we all can relate to one of the Peanuts characters. For me, it was Charlie Brown: the hapless, lovab[...]

Winter 2014 Issue

Letter from the Publisher Get Away From It All Welcome to the travel issue of Artful Living. From coverage of the art of packing to “glamping,” we intend to inspire you to take a trip or just dream about what it might be like to transport yourself to another place. Don’t miss our feature by Rudy Maxa, “A Colorful Life,” the story of LeRoy Neiman. [...]

Autumn 2013 Issue

Letter from the Publisher Calling All Collectors Most people collect for emotional reasons rather than monetary gain. They collect for the thrill of the hunt, and it can become a lifelong pursuit that somehow is never complete. Collecting is a ubiquitous human activity, spanning all ages and societies. The categories are limitless, ranging from Pi[...]

Winter 2013 Issue

Letter from the Publisher Vacation Anticipation Researchers have confirmed that vacation and time away from work can reduce stress and lead to happiness. Humans need periods of time away and psychological detachment to disengage from work and their everyday routine. As it turns out, the simple act of planning a vacation provides a huge boost of ha[...]

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