The Big Game Comes to the Bold North

A Highlands Holiday in Scotland

By Amber Gibson Scotland’s lush rolling hills are teeming with hay bales and sheep along with world-renowned golf courses. In Edinburgh and Glasgow, food and drink take center stage, with chefs reimagining local ingredients in cosmopolitan contexts. The Scottish exude both fierce independence and natural bonhomie — so whether you’re traveling alone or i[...]

Pools With a View

By Hayley Dulin Hanging Gardens Ubud Bali, Indonesia Suspended high above the Indonesian jungle, the split-level infinity pool at The Hanging Gardens Ubud gives the unique sensation of swimming above the treetops. The upper level features an expansive pool deck with a full-service bar, while the lower level is almost hidden for ultimate relaxation and[...]

Finding Paradise in Panama

By Frank Roffers Off the beaten path and emerging as a popular destination, Panama is known as the Dubai of Latin America by savvy travelers. Sandwiched between Costa Rica and Colombia, the country was founded in 1519 and reborn on Dec. 31, 1999, when the United States gave back the Panama Canal and its surrounding land. Tension surrounds this collision o[...]

To Hell And Back: Lavonne Christensen's Survivor Story

By Alyssa Ford It wasn’t a cult — at least not at first. When Lavonne Christensen met Ron Johnson in early 1976, she instantly was taken with his mild demeanor, his passion for the word of God, his enthusiasm for even the smallest congregation. “He had a certain way,” she says. “He would stand on the edge of a room and let people come to him.” Johnson [...]

Prisoner of War: David Everson's Survivor Story

By Alyssa Ford David Everson got zapped on March 10, 1967. He fired a missile at his target then two seconds later heard a crack on the left side of his Thunderchief F-105. The shell didn’t explode, but it ripped into the main structural spur of his left wing, nearly flaying it from the fuselage. The plane started gyrating, and Everson had a long argument[...]

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