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If you don’t follow actress, author and activist Padma Lakshmi on Instagram, you’re missing out. The Top Chef star uses the social media platform to share step-by-step recipes, utterly relatable human experiences, clapbacks of epic proportions, and thoughtful calls to action for social change. Here are 10 times the cultural icon made major Instagram waves in the past year alone.

The Time Padma Wouldn’t Stand for Systemic Racism



The Time Padma Called out the New Yorker for Mistakenly Identifying Her as Priyanka Chopra



The Time Padma Demanded Justice for George Floyd


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There is absolutely no more deadly force than systemic racism in this country. This is what allows an officer of color to sit and watch while his fellow officer kneels on the neck of a Black man, killing him over supposedly writing a bad check at a grocery store. Colorism and racism is a plague in all of our communities. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ As a mother, I cannot imagine the anxiety Black women have to go through when they send their sons out into the world. We all need to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Black community and say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Please contact these officials and demand that that the officers involved in the murder of George Floyd be charged to the fullest extent of the law:⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey, (612) 673-2100⁣⁣ Minneapolis DA, Mike Freeman (612) 348-5550⁣ ⁣ #GeorgeFloyd #Minnesota

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The Time Padma Admitted Parenting is Challenging and Complicated


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This angel sleeping right here? Don’t let her fool you. She’s willful, opinionated, and thinks she’s got it all figured out. I love littlehands more than life itself, but man the last 9 weeks have really been…..challenging. She’s trudging through her online schoolwork, saying she doesn’t see the point. Stir crazy, yet doesn’t want to do any of the activities I suggest.⁣⁣ ⁣ As humans, we have a hard time with uncertainty and gray areas. I try to tell her that the worst things that happened to me when I was young made me stronger for having gone through them. So we keep pushing through the frustration and anxiety. Some days it’s easier than others, but we keep going. We know there are so many less fortunate. We remember how lucky we are, how privileged to be healthy and safe. And if we have a bad day we promise to wake up with a better attitude the next.⁣⁣ ⁣ Sidebar: she’s just entering puberty and is feeling all the feels, while I’m in the throes of peri-menopause and can see no end in sight. But I know that if we keep our hands clasped together, we will come out the other side. Different sure, but maybe better too. I’ll let her sleep a bit longer and enjoy this little bit of peace. 😴💖 #quarantinediaries #hanginthere #homeschooling

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The Time Padma Added More Cheese, Because, Well, Quarantine


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The Time Padma Praised Elle India for Not Photoshopping Her



The Time Padma Opened Up About Her Endometriosis



The Time Padma Refused to be Shamed for Not Wearing a Bra at Home



The Time Padma Called Out Skin-Lightening Creams



The Time Padma Was a Mood for All Parents Everywhere


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