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Picture this: You’re enjoying an incredible meal surrounded by a lush field full of flowers. Everything on your plate uses the highest quality ingredients, farm-to-table style. From May through November, Outstanding in the Field curates extraordinary dining experiences like this across the globe with the goal of connecting diners to their food and one another. The brand’s next culinary adventure will take place right here in Minnesota. Join us July 26 as the Outstanding in the Field team brings a dreamy dinner to the Tangletown Gardens farm, featuring James Beard–nominated chef Jamie Malone’s signature French fare. Ahead of the event, we tapped Malone to discuss her approach to memorable events and to share a special recipe.

Artful Living | Don’t Miss: Outstanding in the Field’s Alfresco Affair with Chef Jamie Malone

Photography by Amy Xiong

How does your preparation approach for unique events, like the upcoming Outstanding in the Field dinner, differ from Paris Dining Club experiences?

The only difference is that we are cooking outside! Beyond that, the approach is the same. Our focus is always to create food that will delight people and encourage a magical oasis of connection and pleasure.

What inspires you most about working with Tangletown Gardens?

It’s hard to know where to start. Chefs work hard. But then you meet a farmer, and it’s mind-blowing to see how they do what they do. Tangletown Gardens is beautiful and full of life. It’s a special place, and I really don’t understand how they do it! It’s incredibly grounding, humbling and inspiring all at the same time.

Artful Living | Don’t Miss: Outstanding in the Field’s Alfresco Affair with Chef Jamie Malone

Photography by Ilana Freddye

Can you share a recipe you’ll be making for the Outstanding in the Field event?

This recipe is from our Butter Club. Keep a batch in the fridge, and you can use it to create near-instant meals with so many of the treats you can find on the farm. A couple of my favorite ways to enjoy it are to spread it on bread with a honeycomb or simply fry an egg in it!

Pepperoni Butter Recipe

Yields 1 pound

Pepperoni Butter

1 pound butter, room temperature and cubed
7 oz. ‘Nduja
50 g. roast garlic purée (recipe below)
15 g. sherry vinegar
1 lemon, zest and juice
2 g. cayenne

Roast Garlic Purée

1 head garlic, whole and unpeeled
neutral oil, such as avocado or rapeseed

1. For the garlic purée: In a small pot, cover garlic head with oil. Place over low heat or in oven at 250°F and cook until golden brown. (Cook a little longer than you think!) Reserve oil; it’s amazing with everything. Squish cloves out of their jackets to use or preserve in oil. Keep refrigerated.

2. For the butter: Combine all ingredients in a food processor until smooth. Roll in parchment paper and refrigerate or freeze.

3. Enjoy. Both butter and garlic purée will last up to two weeks.

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