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Tim Purcell Jr.

Purcell | Remodeling & Renovation

Tim Purcell Jr. has been working since he was 12. Over the past two and a half decades, he’s owned a handful of businesses, including Purcell | Remodeling & Renovation, which began in 1995. In that time, he’s also gotten married and had four kids.

No surprise then that he realized he wanted to simplify things. “No one gives you a handbook,” he says of balancing family life with entrepreneurial aspirations. Which is why he’s creating one for himself — one that includes making time to renovate homes as well as coach youth hockey.

Originally founding his company in Stillwater, Purcell got his start remodeling the notable historic homes and B&Bs in the immediate area. “I’m a big history buff, so I love a house with a good story behind it,” he says. “I enjoy the craftsmanship and quality that goes into working on historic homes.” For the past 15 years, Purcell has been remodeling and renovating homes throughout the Twin Cities area.

“We’re about the project, not the dollar,” he adds. Which means when he and his employees fall in love, they’re all in, from early demoing to final design touches. That doesn’t mean they ignore budget — quite the opposite. It may be here where Purcell’s self-described type A personality shines brightest.

“People are blown away when they see our contracts and specifications, which go down to the smallest details within the demo phase,” he explains. “It might say, ‘We’re saving the toilet seat and reinstalling it.’ That’s how detailed it has to be, because this is the biggest black hole in renovating. It matters how you get there. This allows us to do fixed-price contracts, because if we miss something, that’s our problem.”

Autumn through spring, meanwhile, he’s on the ice, coaching kids who he’s known almost their entire lives. “It’s very rewarding to see somebody improve,” says Purcell. “I’ve seen these kids since their first days on skates, and now they’re teenagers. Our group has had tremendous success this year; we’re undefeated and headed to district playoffs.” So whether he’s rebuilding the structure of a home or teaching the fundamentals of hockey, it seems he’s fulfilled his own prophecy: “We make things successful.” 

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