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Lindsey and Blake Swanson

Swanson Homes and Carbon 6 Interiors

Swanson Homes and Carbon 6 Interiors are ready to build your dream home with their dream team. And this partnership between builder and designer is more than just a working relationship — it’s a family affair. 

Owner Curt Swanson grew up in the industry, as his dad founded Swanson Homes back in 1965. Curt’s son Blake, in turn, is the firm’s vice president. And Blake’s wife, Lindsey, oversees the creative process for the team at Carbon 6, a full-service interior design studio boasting access to a wider array of offerings and experiences.

As Blake and Lindsey take the helm, a new vision has started to take shape: a one-stop shop that designs for new builds but also takes on renovations and makeovers, with a keen eye for the way people live today. “The world has really changed this year,” Blake notes. “People have a different outlook on what a home is supposed to be.”

Take multigenerational living, for example. For a client whose mother was living in a nursing home, the team designed a primary guesthouse so that she can have some independence, adding dreamy details like a full French kitchen with an industrial back kitchen and separate suites for their two dogs. “It’s a really interesting layout that meets their family’s needs,” says Lindsey.

This unique business model allows for a deeper connection with the client. “Clients think of us as one team,” Blake explains. “Lindsey and the other designers know the contractors as well as anyone. There’s a lot of synergy with our comprehensive, guided process.”

And the husband-and-wife team brings a special energy to projects from start to finish. “We’ve figured out a really good dynamic where we respect each other’s knowledge and experience,” Lindsey says. They can navigate each other’s lanes well enough to help clients out whenever they have questions, no matter what stage of the process they’re in.

That collaboration makes for a well-executed project. “We treat each project with the level of care we would expect in our own home,” Blake adds. “Between the two of us, we are ready to bring innovation to the next generation of homeowners.”

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