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Artful Living | North Notables: Emily Dicks, Jessica Goodpaster and Ashley Rugel of Style Society

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Emily Dicks, Jessica Goodpaster and Ashley Rugel

Style Society

Style Society is a “multi-passionate business,” explains co-owner Jessica Goodpaster, who handles the day-to-day of the St. Paul shop, refinishes furniture and sources vintage goods. Fellow co-owner Ashley Rugel is the florist, who oversees client vision and floral design. And final co-owner Emily Dicks handles rentals — including decor, furnishings, custom lounges and more — as well as event styling.

Together, they’ve become “an all-inclusive style hub,” as Goodpaster puts it, for clients of all styles and walks of life and for inspired events ranging from weddings to business parties. 

Style Society’s floral and rental arms launched in 2019 — right before events shut down worldwide. The trio wisely pivoted, selling their vintage home goods and phased-out rental inventory at pop-up sales hosted at their warehouse.

“We kept selling out and had such fun doing it,” Goodpaster enthuses. “The overall energy and feedback was more than we could have asked for. So after things started going back to normal-ish, we decided to add a shop into the mix. We wanted to continue to give these sourced items a new life and give people an opportunity to enjoy them.” 

Whether for a special day or the everyday, Goodpaster says the three are “moment makers,” creating opportunities to enjoy gathering, connection and good conversation. And now with the shop, clients like newlywed lovebirds, for example, can come back once they’re ready to feather their nest.

“We cater our services to the customer, celebrating and highlighting their unique style,” explains Goodpaster. “We’re style-inclusive — not just midcentury or eclectic, but a collection of all those things. We embrace everyone finding something for their unique style. We’re truly a one-stop shop.” 

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