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Steven Bohl

BohLand Homes

BohLand has a 30-year legacy of curating beautiful residential properties through engaging relationships with clients while fostering enduring industry and community partnerships. The BohLand family of companies integrates its expertise in site planning, small- and large-scale land development, innovative yet timeless design, and uncompromised craftsmanship into every project. “Whether it be one of our boutique hospitality projects, a luxury multifamily development or a highly custom home, the goal, the guiding principles and the outcome are always the same: crafting a memorable sense of space and experience,” owner and president Steven Bohl explains.

A local and national award winner, BohLand is rooted in its mission to stay at the forefront of bringing to market unique villas, lake properties, custom homes and luxury condominiums that encompass the ever-evolving homeowner landscape while always maintaining a philosophy for timeless and architecturally significant design.

The BohLand team of highly skilled contractors, construction supervisors and project directors works in partnership with some of the Twin Cities’ most prominent architects, engineers and interior designers in approaching each home as a true collaboration with the client. This is evident in the company’s commitment to unrivaled craftsmanship, service and communication. 

“Our people are our greatest asset and pride,” says Bohl. “Their hands-on management, incredible experience, personal involvement and attention to detail are carried through in every stage of the building process.” And it’s that passion that allows the BohLand team to meet its goal of creating a home that is functional, well-appointed and a treasured reflection of the homeowner.

In fact, the company’s decades of excellence have led clients to come knocking a second time. “There is no greater honor than to be afforded the confidence of a client and have them or a family member reach out looking to collaborate once again,” Bohl notes.

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