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Rodney Johansen

HOM Furniture

Rodney Johansen, CEO and president of HOM Furniture, is on the move. Again. After amassing and merging his furniture empire — Gabberts, HOM (which acquired Seasonal Concepts and Sleep Express), and DOCK86 — in a megaplex in Little Canada, he’s got another underway in Bloomington. The latest build will be 215,000 square feet, complete with a glass elevator, a massive central staircase, fireplaces, and a cookie shop to take a break and assess your purchases.

As these brands come together, Johansen promises that the aspects customers have come to love about each will never change. Gabberts will continue to be the high-end, high-touch design experience, HOM will remain the transitional juggernaut, and DOCK86 will still offer great discounted overstock and one-of-a-kind finds. Putting them all under one roof means customers can see and experience each brand, even blending them for the ultimate high/low experience.

While other superstores have faltered in recent years, this conglomerate has only grown. “Our large selections mean that customers have choices that fit all budgets — plus trained experts to help them,” Johansen explains. “No matter the brand, we have a better shopping experience.”

Customers can watch the Gabberts pros work their magic and mood boards in the Design Center then meander through the HOM Market, a curated collection of handpicked decor and accents at wildly affordable price points. There will even be displays to help customers understand the scale and placement of furniture and sets for the full effect.

Not to be overlooked is the sleep center featuring everything from pillows to mattresses, including popular online brands such as Nectar and Purple. And the opportunity to try them out means greater customer satisfaction (and lower return rates) compared to online shopping. “We live here and so do you; we’re going to keep you happy,” Johansen says, emphasizing the superior nature of an in-person shopping experience. “No matter where you are in your life, we have something for everybody.” 

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