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Vanessa Brooks and Luis Leonardo

Pure Lux | Tres Sports

Vanessa Brooks and Luis Leonardo (plus in-house medical director Merlin Brown, MD) are mastering the art of the human body in their New York City–style loft in Edina.

It’s been a nearly lifelong pursuit for both of them. Brooks first learned of laser treatments as a teen, ultimately getting certified to provide 15 different cosmetic laser and skincare services in all their applications. Leonardo, a seasoned endurance athlete and trainer, has run triathlons and performed other athletic feats like bicycling across the United States. So you could say these two know a little bit about the art of sculpting.

“Vanessa and I have the same approach, and we understand our niche really well,” says Leonardo. “Plus we always make a person-to-person connection.”

Person is the operative word. “I look at the whole body,” Brooks explains. “All my lasers cover the whole body, not just the skin’s surface. I look at my clients as a whole, because what’s going on internally can affect the outside. That’s always been important to me in achieving results for my clients.”

Their combined experience allows them to offer results-oriented services (all at one convenient location, mind you) that are largely unavailable elsewhere: the newest technology for laser hair removal, touchless lasers that can treat even the darkest skin tones, body-contouring SculpSure with infrared sauna therapy, and customized workouts that not only develop strength but also endurance, flexibility, mobility and mental capacity.

“We talk clients through each step of the way so they feel taken care of throughout the whole process and feel comfortable they made the right decision,” notes Brooks. “Our goal is to make you feel as good as you look and look as good as you feel.”

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