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Photography by Steve Voegeli

Plato Woodwork

Plato is home to 305 residents and one premier custom cabinetry company that’s been in business since 1893. Now taking its first steps into its sixth generation of operation, Plato Woodwork is updating and innovating, beginning with a rebrand on its 125th anniversary back in 2018.

While Plato Woodwork has always been known for its Minnesota-made, rock-solid cabinetry, the team adapts to the changing market by developing products to meet customer demand. A refresh started with its Inovae frameless line and continues on with new palettes and textures as well as a Euro-inspired collection called simply “the Collection.” Still, the company has no plans to leave behind the principles and traditions that have made it so successful nationwide. 

In an era when many independent cabinetry companies are being purchased or forced out by corporate conglomerates, the Pinske family has mastered agility, bolstered rather than hindered by its intergenerational family ownership. Plato Woodwork’s “five generations of beautiful” are built on a rich, storied tradition, with materials sourced from only the United States and Canada, and each cabinet made right here as a true original. The company is agile enough to be able to accommodate clients’ increasingly specific demands, but large enough to supply more than 200 dealers.

Plus, Pinterest and Houzz have really changed the game; clients now come with very specific custom-design ideas. “We rarely say no,” says Marketing and Design Manager Kari Hiltner. “We will craft a custom cabinet for someone as long as we can build and ship it safely.” The whole team, from design to finishing, finds these challenges exciting. An apt way to describe Plato Woodwork — as well as humble, hard-working and a true piece of family history.

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