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Mark Suess is a details guy. Case in point: He’s been to the Apuan Alps to see how Carrara marble is mined. “I was almost in tears,” he recalls. “It was like the most organic cathedral that could ever exist.”

Suffice to say this isn’t the only material or technique he has meticulously studied and catalogued in his 40-some years in interior design. In just a few moments he reels off a list of skills and experiences, from drafting plans and sewing draperies to loading trucks with lumber and setting rooms with new furniture.

“To this day, I do all my home measuring and worksheets for drapes, carpet, upholstery,” says Suess. “By doing it on my own, I learn what the potential and options are.”

And those possibilities are what brings him joy as he collaborates with clients to deliver world-class interior design. “For people who love to have style surrounding them in their home — I can give them that,” he explains. “They imagine it, and I illustrate it.”


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