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Liz Mattingly

Lilia Flower Boutique

“I’m so in love with what I’m sharing, and I want people to enter my shop and feel that love,” says Lilia Flower Boutique Founder and Creative Director Liz Mattingly. “There is a sacredness that emanates from beautiful flowers that calls out to us on a very deep level.”

If nature is the infinite land of discovery, then it has taken Mattingly through a wondrous journey — from a florist in Minneapolis proper all the way to reaching her ultimate goal of being a top purveyor of exceptional flowers in one of the most quintessential Twin Cities towns: Excelsior.

Mattingly struck out on her own in 2011, conceiving Lilia to one day be the finest of florists available to everyone. Now, the boutique is comfortably settled in her “dream home” along Excelsior’s Water Street, with enough quaintness and space to do what she’s best at. “We’re the most approachable, humble and relaxed floral business offering the absolute highest quality product you can find,” Mattingly affirms.

Her exceptional, original designs and long-established relationships with local farmers yield optimal results for any event, big or small. By tapping those partnerships as well as her design genius, Mattingly has successfully navigated obstacles, including seasonality workarounds.

“If you hung out in Lilia for one day, you’d see people walk in and take literal deep breaths,” she says. “Many people come in here during the most emotional times in life, needing us to know what is in their heart and how they can express that.”

And this, above all, is what Lilia is all about: sending love through flowers. “Flowers can light your heart on fire, and a stunning arrangement holds a very high frequency,” Mattingly shares. “Drop in sometime and experience the magic for yourself.”

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