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Landyn Hutchinson

Living With Landyn

One morning during Super Bowl week in the Bold North, Landyn Hutchinson was having a full-circle moment. Standing in front of a sold-out crowd of fans of Living With Landyn, her lifestyle blog, she was kicking off the day with shots of ginger juice. The day didn’t let up until around 6 p.m., when they celebrated with cocktails and confetti.

“I’m just a girls’ girl,” she says from her home in Nashville, Tennessee, where she and her husband, former Viking Steve Hutchinson, moved after he retired. “But I turned into a personal shopper, best friend and therapist.”

Even three years ago, when she was consigning clothes to save for a website and sharing recipes on Facebook, she couldn’t have dreamed of this. But her Minnesota event sold out in less than two minutes. “It just really was this Oprah-like moment,” she exclaims. “I am the luckiest girl on the planet.”

Now, as her husband embraces his retirement, she has book, podcast and national tour plans in the works. And while she might know the perfect white T-shirt or the best under-eye concealer, she also wants to combat the manufactured perfection people tend to see online. 

“It’s a lot of conversations being real with these women,” she explains, while also admitting that her nine Instagram squares are always perfect. “But my Instagram Stories show me burning dinner. It’s like a boomerang: I put so much energy and good stuff out there, and all that’s coming back to me.” 

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