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Artful Living | North Notables: Phillip Radke, MD of Lagos Aesthetics

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Phillip Radke, MD

Lagos Aesthetics

Phillip Radke, MD, knows a thing or two about the windows to our souls. After all, he’s an oculofacial plastic and reconstructive surgeon (a branch of ophthalmology). And he has zeroed in on what makes people look refreshed, energetic and youthful. 

So when, at Edina Eye, he was tapped to help develop Lagos Aesthetics — a department focused on cosmetics of the face — he set straight to work. “It’s my wheelhouse when it comes to what I do,” he says. “I focus and trained extensively on enhancements of the face, particularly surrounding the eye and its many unique structures.”

Radke offers surgical solutions suited to each patient’s individual facial concerns, including upper-forehead, mid-face and full-face surgery. And with a team of aestheticians and a nurse injector he trained himself, Lagos also features a broad spectrum of Botox/fillers, laser treatments and more.

“I have very stringent expectations with our staff and knowing they’re well-trained and versed in anatomy and the medicine behind it,” he explains. “We use tried-and-true, evidence-based medicine as our guide, whether it’s surgically based care, our approach to laser procedures, or Botox/filler dosage and placement.”

This intellectual prowess is complemented by an environment where patients truly feel like family, Radke says. The tight-knit team makes sure everyone feels welcome, comfortable, and empowered to ask questions and return to the office to achieve any goal, at any time.

“We want our patients to look refreshed, rejuvenated and more youthful,” he notes. “We want them to feel like they’re turning back the clock on themselves, using the least aggressive way to get the results they want.”

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