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Kasey Johnson and Regan Nix

Blue Pencil Collective

You know you’ve made it when your names become a portmanteau. Kasey Johnson and Regan Nix met at a big design firm with international reach, where their ambition, vision, hustle and proven results quickly earned them the “magic team” label from clients and colleagues. Now 10 years into their partnership, the dynamic duo behind their own full-service architecture and interior design agency, Blue Pencil Collective, has morphed into “Kagan.” Together, they’re known for guiding clients beyond anything they could imagine.

The collective of experts is quite conscious about the lifespan of their decisions. “Everything has a purpose and a reasoning behind it,” Johnson shares. “We want each project to have an overall positive impact — not only on the client, but on future generations, the environment, and all angles and aspects.”

That’s why BPC focuses on start-to-finish new construction and whole-home or business renovation. “We and our clients value how it all comes together, like a puzzle,” notes Nix. “You need all the pieces to create the final picture.” Behind the scenes, the team is editing, problem solving, arranging and rearranging so that the final reveal exceeds expectations every single time. Often, that even includes folding towels and perfecting other little details before a client moves in.

“None of our projects look the same; if you put them side by side, the only similarities are quality and timeless creativity,” says Nix. “The magic is us getting to know a client so well that we’re creating environments that enhance their lifestyle. It’s not about labels or architectural styles; it’s about how a client lives or works, and what makes their heart happy.”

Johnson attributes their success to a unique combination of business smarts, design chops and unabashed exuberance, which defies industry stereotypes. “You’re either professional and polished, or you’re joyful and fun — but we’re both,” she says with a smile.

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