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Jane Ellingson Ehresmann, Rick Ellingson and Patti Ellingson-Solheim

Ellingson & Ellingson Certified Public Accountants

The Ellingson & Ellingson accounting firm prides itself on being a family business that treats its clients like family. Founded in 1978 by Erik Ellingson — who died at age 84 with 100 clients on his roster — the company torch has passed to second-generation family members Jane Ellingson Ehresmann, Rick Ellingson and Patti Ellingson-Solheim along with third-generation members Jake Ehresmann and Mark Gasner.

Erik’s influence remains, as do his clients, who trust the firm with their most sensitive information and plans. “Clients have a lot of trust in us,” says Rick. “We have built long-lasting client relationships through the years.”

So what’s the secret to the 40-year (and counting) success? Patti notes that they pride themselves on their calm, thorough and approachable work ethic, instilled by their father. “But success is not about how much money we make,” she adds. “Helping other people be successful makes us successful.”

As the firm celebrates its anniversary and looks to the future, its stewards will keep guiding the business by Dad’s principles. “We seem like we’re all about the numbers, but it’s really about much more than that,” explains Jane. “We’re community-focused. We give back. That was another lesson we learned from our dad, another legacy he left. By giving, you get more back. That’s true for our business, too.”

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