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Jaime and Marc Langva


When it comes to wealth management, WorkOptional founders and certified financial planners Jaime and Marc Langva say it’s time to think differently. Instead of narrowly defining wealth with the stats of dollars, stocks and bonds, people should widen the lens on their financial landscape.

“Often, people don’t take into account time and energy — the wealth they are putting into their lives,” says Jaime. “The whole idea behind WorkOptional is this: How do you transfer that time into dollars for more time and energy to do what you want?” 

They rarely talk about stocks and bonds, though they may be a piece of the puzzle. Portfolio isn’t a common word around the office, either. Marc might encourage a client to invest in farmland, Ferraris, watches or rare whiskies — after all, he does. “It’s about making small smart decisions that add up to create a better life,” he explains. “That’s what we’re offering.”

Their definition of wealth expands beyond traditional assets to also include the richness that comes from a sense of happiness, contentedness, good health and diminished stress. “Once you focus on the roots, the other investments come,” Jaime says, drawing on her decades of experience. 

Even clients use a totally different vocabulary. Instead of focusing on retirement, they’re simply looking forward to the day when work becomes optional. How’s that for a choice?  

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