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Artful Living | North Notables: Eric Flom and Nancy Nelsen-Flom of Intersource by Stark

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Eric Flom and Nancy Nelsen-Flom


As far back as September 2020, flooring and design experts Eric Flom and Nancy Nelsen-Flom knew they were ready for a change. They were ready to expand INTERSOURCE, their beloved flooring show room, within Minneapolis’s International Market Square. And somewhere in the back of their minds, they were thinking about a succession plan for the future, too. 

They had their eye on prime real estate near the atrium restaurant at IMS and had been in talks with management for months when an offer too good to refuse came along. Longtime luxury flooring brand STARK approached the husband-and-wife duo about becoming INTERSOURCE by STARK. The pair had no plan to sell the company this soon, but the serendipity was irresistible.

STARK brings its heavy-hitting expertise for longtime security — it has been around for 90 years and has some 600 employees — along with a focus on cutting-edge luxury design. Plus the merger frees up the pair to focus on what they do best: working with their clients on both commercial and residential flooring projects (including all hard-surface flooring besides stone and tile), through every step in the process from measuring to installation. “For the community, it’s everything INTERSOURCE was, with the addition of STARK product and custom capabilities, which really expands our offerings,” Eric explains. 

“Eric made an analogy, and it’s really true: We took the elevator to the top floor and the entire team got off with us,” Nancy says. It was crucial to them that the team remained intact and that they continue to be involved with the day-to-day operations. “STARK isn’t coming in and booting us out; they value our local knowledge and expertise. It took us 26 years to develop this team, and we wouldn’t be where we are today without them.” 

As of this fall, INTERSOURCE by STARK will be moving into its larger, newly renovated space just off the atrium with its seasoned team — and with a whole new host of capabilities beyond its already stellar full-service offerings. So to any rumors that the team is out at INTERSOURCE: definitively not true. “We’re still here and intend to be here as long as we’re of value,” Eric says, as Nancy jumps in: “And as long as we’re having fun!”

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