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Artful Living | North Notables: Dudley McLinn, MD, and Jason Reed, MD of Executive Health Care

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Dudley McLinn, MD, and Jason Reed, MD

Executive Health Care

Client demand initially sparked the idea for Executive Health Care: What if physicians could provide Mayo Clinic–level care… just not in Rochester? “It can be just as thorough but more convenient and more efficient by being closer,” explains Dudley McLinn, MD, his admiration for the renowned Minnesota medical center evident. “And it can provide continuity of care; we can be someone’s doctor on an ongoing basis.”

That was 25 years ago, when the self-owned practice was born. To date, the Executive Health Care team has provided top-notch service to fewer than 1,000 patients, offering tip-to-toe physicals, testing, prevention screenings and more, all in one go, rather than booking appointments with multiple specialists spread out across weeks or even months. Clients fill out a thorough survey prior to each visit, which determines the outline of the health menu.

This helps tailor the appointment to each individual’s exact needs and concerns, explains McLinn’s colleague, Jason Reed, MD. “People are looking for extended time in front of their physician,” he asserts. “Executive physicals are two hours and follow-ups are 90 minutes, which really gives us time to have excellent communication.” That’s time for patients to ask all their questions and to ensure they’re addressing any current conditions as well as planning for their future health.

Clients also need ready availability, which Executive Health Care delivers on. “We can see most patients same day if needed,” Reed notes. “We’re real humans who answer our phones. We manage prescriptions and referrals. And of course, we’re on call 24/7 and answer after-hours calls within 15 minutes.” They’ve got cell and text access to some of the most sought-after specialists in the Twin Cities, too. 

“The last thing I want is patients sitting in a lobby reading People magazine,” says McLinn. “They want efficiency. They’ve got things to do. We should accept cognizance, convenience and thoroughness as a given.” In other words, the kind of care we all wish for.

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