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Design for a Difference

“Yes, we furnish and install floor coverings for commercial and residential spaces,” explains Intersource cofounder Nancy Nelsen-Flom, nodding to her husband and business partner, Eric. “But there’s a lot more to life than that. We want to make a difference in the world, and we want to start right here in Minneapolis.”

Through the company’s membership in the International Design Guild, the duo was introduced to Design for a Difference, the guild’s charitable arm whereby design professionals team up to provide services to worthy organizations in need. 

The timing was right: When Nelsen-Flom was on the hunt for Intersource’s next big project, she was introduced to the Northside Achievement Zone, which aims to close the achievement gap and end generational poverty in North Minneapolis. It’s an incredibly worthwhile mission; shockingly, Minnesota ranks last across the country when it comes to black high-school students graduating on time, according to U.S. Department of Education data.

“We can help family achievement coaches, many of whom originate right from this neighborhood, maintain balance by providing a place for them to either unwind or get energy — literally a place to recharge electronics, but also to recharge themselves,” she says. “We’ll also be able to help the kids. Above all, I want to help raise awareness for NAZ.”

Also on board for the project are InUnison Design, Lucy Interior Design, Sarah Randolph Interior Design and Studio Grey, which have collectively developed and presented drawings that have been approved by NAZ President and CEO Sondra Samuels. Set to debut in early 2020, the energizing space will provide much-needed areas for both collaboration and privacy, allowing for family meetings as well as quiet workspaces.

“We’re passionate about both children and quality education,” Nelsen-Flom asserts. “We want to do whatever we can to help this great cause.”

To learn how you can support this initiative, contact Nancy Nelsen-Flom.

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