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Bill Joy didn’t start out in beauty; he previously worked as a nurse in pulmonary medicine. But the arrival of lasers two decades ago piqued his interest. Then he met James Fulton, MD, the co-founder of Retin-A, who took Joy under his wing. With him came the world of Botox, fillers and more.

“The tremendous science and tech data grabbed me,” Joy explains. As he studied Botox’s transformative power for people living with conditions like cerebral palsy, he says, “I could see then it was going to be big.”

“Everybody deserves nice-looking, healthy skin,” he notes, which translates to age-appropriate, natural looks achieved in close communication with each client. And he has seen how this approach can change lives, including one woman who overcame several medical diagnoses and scarring. Her newfound image inspired her to start dating and eventually marry. Joy was invited to her wedding.

“When you give people back their self-esteem, their mental health improves, which also improves physical health,” he says. “It’s very rewarding to see people become happy with themselves.”

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