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Annika Crosby, MD

Physician Skin Services

Annika Crosby, MD, and Bill Joy, RN, of Physician Skin Services recognize that each client’s needs are unique, so the duo offers plenty of options to help them achieve their goal of looking and feeling their best. In fact, the practitioners were recently in Florence, Italy — not for a vacation, but rather to train with a surgeon in the art and science of fat transfer, a procedure that utilizes a client’s own cells as dermal fillers in the face, hands and elsewhere.

“We have a certain niche — we are not plastic surgeons and we are not dermatologists,” Crosby explains. “We are here to help people feel good about themselves, to lift their spirits and their moods. If they look better, they feel better, which in turn elevates others’ moods around them in a reflective way.”

Joy, the clinic’s founder, has a background as a registered nurse and respiratory therapist. He has been a pioneer in the region with laser treatments and injections, having practiced aesthetic medicine for 25+ years. Crosby, who now owns the clinic, has spent 25+ years as a practicing physician and is still an internal medicine doctor to this day.

The two have been working together for nearly 15 years. Their love for helping people feel better about themselves coupled with a voracious appetite for learning puts them squarely at “the forefront of aesthetic medical procedures,” Crosby explains. “We strive to be the best.”

After all, how you look reflects out onto people. “If you get Botox and get rid of those forehead lines that make you look crabby, you look brighter, happier, and more refreshed and relaxed,” she gives as an example. “There is a kind of give and take about your own self-confidence and how others see you. It doesn’t take a lot to make a big difference in how people look and feel about themselves. A lot of self-affirming therapy happens here.”

While Physician Skin Services provides mainstays like Botox and dermal fillers, it also excels in cutting-edge laser therapy. For example, it was the first clinic in the nation to get the Genius, an ingenious machine that does micro needling with radiofrequency, stimulating collagen growth and tightening with minimal downtime. Crosby often pairs it with the LaseMD, which tightens skin, minimizes pores and corrects pigment — also with minimal downtime.

“We have a general philosophy of not overdoing it,” she explains. “We don’t believe in making people look unnatural or overly done. Our goal is to help people look and feel their best with our state-of-the-art services.”

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