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Taking the culinary mobilization movement by storm, NOLO Donut Cart offers an unmatched artisan doughnut experience at any and every event you can imagine. We chatted with owners Jessica Baker and Cole Anderson about how they came up with the idea, their process designing the sweet-treat vehicle and more.

When did you come up with the idea for NOLO Donut Cart?

We came up with the name and concept in 2018 and officially launched in April 2019. I was a product photographer for a doughnut shop in Minneapolis and loved it. I also loved the idea of taking a cart to an event and serving some kind of dessert. Thus, we combined our love for doughnuts and our desire to have a dessert cart into one.

What was the process like designing the cart?

The designing and conceptualizing process began in January 2019, and we worked on it like it was our full-time job. We spent hours and hours figuring out the different menus, how to actually build the cart and the unique ways we could market it. It was a lot of work, but it was the most rewarding experience for us. We believe doughnuts make everything better and so creating the first-ever mobile, customizable doughnut cart was a dream come true.

Photography provided by NOLO Donut Cart

How can someone book the NOLO Donut Cart?

You can go to our website, pick the menu you want and tell us how many people will be there. When the big day arrives, we will come and set up, and each one of your guests will be able to customize their own doughnut. The best part is that we don’t just serve ordinary doughnuts, we put our own twist on it. We take the doughnut, cut it in half, add buttercream and toppings to the bottom slice, then put the other half of the doughnut on top.

What kinds of events can the Donut Cart be booked for?

Any and every event. We think doughnuts make everything better, which is why we created NOLO Donut Cart with businesses, corporate events and weddings in mind. Other events include birthday parties, baby showers, bachelor(ette) parties, launch parties, church events and more.

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