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What better way to usher in the New Year than sipping some fine spirit-forward libations? Here are 3 festive bevies to send you into the new decade. Cheers!


Kettle One Botanicals’ Cucumber-Mint Cooler

1 small Persian cucumber, cut into thin rounds
1 2-inch piece ginger, peeled and cut into thin slices
4 sprigs mint
2 lime wedges
2 oz. Ketel One Botanical Cucumber & Mint Vodka
6 oz. sparkling water

1. In your go-to cocktail glass, add cucumber, ginger, two mint sprigs, lime wedges and vodka. Muddle together.
2. Strain into a new glass and fill with ice.
3. Top off with sparkling water (or bubbly) and garnish with remaining mint sprigs and cranberries for a festive vibe.


Baileys Chocolatini

1½ oz. vanilla vodka
1¼ oz. Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur
¼ oz. Godiva Chocolate Liqueur
chocolate shavings

1. Pour vodka and liqueurs into a cocktail shaker filled with ice. Shake well.
2. Strain into a well-chilled chocolate-lined cocktail glass.
3. Garnish with chocolate shavings.


Bulleit Bourbon Classic Old-Fashioned

oz. Bulleit Bourbon
2 bar spoons simple syrup
3 dashes Angostura bitters
orange peel

1. Add bourbon, simple syrup and bitters to a large rocks glass. Add ice.
2. Stir gently until levels of ice and liquid equalize.
3. Zest orange peel over glass then add as a garnish.

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