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Artwork by Alton Kelley and Stanley Mouse

The 1960s marked a tumultuous period in the social, political and cultural history of the United States. Amid a generational reckoning with racial injustice, authoritarian patriarchy and the Vietnam War, San Francisco emerged as the primary locus for a youth-oriented counterculture that embraced progressive idealism and included broad-minded acceptance of sexual expression and experimentation with mind-altering hallucinogens. Inventive forms of music and art flourished, fueling the rise of what is now known as psychedelic rock, a musical genre rooted in early blues, jazz and folk-based rock. Dance concerts, often accompanied by light shows, became the principal venue for the new sound, with the poster acting as the promotional vehicle.

Artwork by Victor Moscoso

In 2019, Minneapolis collector Paul Maurer gifted 200+ concert posters to Mia’s permanent collection. Most of the collection dates back to the golden age of psychedelic poster design, and many were commissioned to promote acts performing at the leading San Francisco concert venues of the day. In celebration of this generous gift, Mia is presenting a selection of 25+ eye-dazzling psychedelic posters created by the period’s leading designers, including Rick Griffin, Stanley Mouse, Wes Wilson and more.

“Sixties Psychedelia: San Francisco Rock Posters from the Paul Maurer Collection”

Through April 24, 2022
Mia’s Gallery 316
Free exhibition

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