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Many boldface-name artists admire Highpoint Editions, the collaborative publishing arm of Highpoint Center for Printmaking located in Minneapolis. Until Highpoint opened its doors, broad public access to the printmaking arts was virtually nonexistent in the Upper Midwest. Highpoint Editions produces fine art prints made by invited professional artists in collaboration with master printer Cole Rogers and Highpoint Editions staff.

Artwork by Dyani White Hawk, Wókaǧe

Mia recently acquired Highpoint’s complete archive, comprising 325+ published prints and multiples, plus hundreds of items of production material. These works speak to Highpoint’s impact on printmaking and will be on display at Mia in a sweeping exhibition, “The Contemporary Print: 20 Years at Highpoint Editions,” showcasing 175 artworks with a broad range of techniques, styles and subjects. The exhibition will also feature preliminary drawings and working proofs, plus guests can enjoy printmaking demonstrations to better appreciate the expressive art form.

Artwork by Julie Mehretu

“The Contemporary Print: 20 Years at Highpoint Editions”

Through January 9, 2022
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