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Sports cars have one major drawback: a total lack of practicality. Aerodynamics, performance and handling are top priorities while comfort, luxury and storage often feel secondary. Although auto enthusiasts have largely come to accept this tradeoff, McLaren recently debuted a new model that delivers on both extreme performance and extreme comfort: the GT.

Cramped seats, poor visibility and harsh suspension are generally associated with any vehicle with serious speed. These don’t add up to a major problem when it comes to a day at the track or a night out on the town, but what about those longer journeys where storage is a necessity? The new 2020 McLaren GT was designed with these considerations in mind, and the final result is better than what was envisioned.

Photography provided by McLaren Automotive

With the combination of a lightweight carbon-fiber monocoque chassis and a 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine, the GT can accelerate to 60 mph from a standstill in an impressive 3.1 seconds. The auto also boasts an astounding 612 horsepower and an incredible top speed of 203 mph. And with Proactive Damping Control, the car is constantly adjusting to the current driving conditions. It can even predict the road conditions ahead, making changes to the suspension within two milliseconds. This technology means the GT can be pushed to the limits on the track while still allowing for a smooth, comfortable ride in the city.

Inside the cabin, nappa leather trim can be found on nearly every surface, making for an elegant appearance. Heated leather seats with extra support create an enjoyable driving experience. The user-friendly 12.3-inch touchscreen controls nearly every aspect of the auto and simplifies the dash. But the plentiful storage in the back — it can easily hold a set of golf clubs — is what ultimately sets the McLaren GT apart from its competition. In addition to the extra room in the front trunk compartment, the vehicle has an abundance of space for luggage, like the automaker’s bespoke set made just for this model.

Impressive performance, plentiful storage and attractive exterior styling make the McLaren GT the all-around ideal sports car. Whether it’s a statewide road trip, errands around town or a leisurely drive out to the golf course, the GT is able to adapt to any circumstance.

The 2020 McLaren GT

• Starting at $210,000
• 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 engine
• 7-speed and reverse SSG transmission
• 612 horsepower
• Zero to 60 mph in 3.1 seconds
• Maximum speed of 203 mph
• Grand touring range of 418 miles*
• Combined 18 mpg*
• Combined 20.1 cubic feet of storage
• Carbon-fiber monocoque chassis
• Hydraulic power–assisted steering

*Subject to confirmation

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