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Max’s recently launched its new online wedding boutique — a designated shopping destination within the store’s current offerings, featuring the collections of nearly 20 designers. One brand in particular is offering a wedding diamond collection that gives couples access to extensive gemology information about each stone. ILA’s Unbridaled Diamonds collection merges art with science using artificial intelligence created by the brand’s team of MIT scientists and gemologists to help wedding customers.

Photography provided by Max’s Jewelry

“Coming into the diamond industry 16+ years ago with a technology background from MIT, it didn’t take long for me to notice that our industry was stuck in an old way of doing business,” says Unbridaled Diamonds founder and CEO Vikas Sodhani. “We’ve combined decades of gemology experience to develop Unbridaled that can evaluate tens of thousands of diamonds in seconds to provide an unbiased selection of the most ideal diamonds at the best prices.”

Discover more about Max’s new online wedding boutique today.

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