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Artful Living | Martin Patrick 3 Brunello Cucinelli Womenswear

Photography provided by Brunello Cucinelli

Italian cashmere is an art. So much so that Brunello Cucinelli, one of the world’s leading cashmere brands, has its own School of Contemporary High Craftsmanship and Arts, located in the tiny hamlet of Solomeo, Italy. Its aim is to rediscover and enhance age-old artisanal craftsmanship, passing it down through the generations. And a handcrafted Brunello Cucinelli piece is truly an heirloom, to be passed down through the generations as well. 

Brunello Cucinelli is a selective brand, and it’s quite a coup to land its contemporary, elegant apparel in-store. Beloved Minneapolis retail destination Martin Patrick 3, which has been carrying its menswear for five years, matches Brunello Cucinelli’s taste, curation and sense of family ownership. Plus, the boutique has a massive appreciation for the brand’s unique ability to combine raw materials of the highest quality with creativity and know-how that’s the legacy of fine Italian craftsmanship.

Artful Living | Martin Patrick 3 Brunello Cucinelli Womenswear

It was only a matter of time before MP3’s female clientele started asking for the store to carry the brand’s womenswear, too, explains MP3 Marketing Director Anthony Serino, especially as the historically men’s shop began to cater some offerings to women. “Getting the Brunello Cucinelli women’s line is a huge win for us, because our clientele is very sophisticated and fashionable,” he adds. Furthermore, the success of the men’s business coupled with MP3’s distinct reputation made it an obvious decision for the brand.

MP3’s new director of women’s buying, Samantha Tousey — who has previous experience with Chanel and Dior under her belt — will launch the retailer’s first Brunello Cucinelli women’s collection this October. “The customer in the Midwest wants to look understated, but still wants quality items,” she explains. “Brunello Cucinelli offers an elegant, sophisticated product without being over-the-top like other brands that are more runway-driven. I would call it ‘effortlessly chic.’ You can put something on and immediately look elevated without looking like you’re trying too hard.”

The debut collection will feature a curated selection of styles from Brunello Cucinelli’s fall capsule, which is strongly focused around the holiday season. Fashionistas will have access to a collection in an alluring palette of gray, champagne and rose. Tousey touts everything from elegant outerwear, such as trenches and puffer coats, to exquisite evening pieces, including a showstopping champagne silk dress. While the collection mostly centers around solids, there will be “great fantasy plaids” to discover as well, she says.

But it won’t all be big holiday pieces; the collection will also include Brunello Cucinelli’s famous knits and sweaters, plus other pieces that will fit right in at a “fabulous luncheon.” Tousey raves about a bomber jacket with a monili-detailed applique on the sleeves in a specialty pattern reminiscent of argyle that would pair beautifully with wide-leg trousers. Rounding out the day-to-evening assortment will be leather goods to finish the looks. And with such a stylish selection of effortlessly chic womenswear, it’s clear the partnership between Martin Patrick 3 and Brunello Cucinelli is a match made in fashion heaven. 

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