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When you’re faced with a world-class menu of steaks, which do you choose? The tried-and-true porterhouse? The decadent filet mignon? The daring dry-aged New York strip? Each cut has its own flavor profile, texture, scent and wine pairing, but for those who aren’t well-versed in the language of steak, ordering an unfamiliar cut can be intimidating. 

“For some guests, their order comes down to the steak they are historically most familiar with,” explains Manny’s Steakhouse Event Coordinator Julie Robichaud. “It can be challenging to order a massive steak when you don’t know whether you’ll enjoy it.” Hence Manny’s new Bull to Table offering, a dinner hosted in a private room for guests to experience the nuances of steak’s changing flavor with different cuts, ages and techniques. “Think wine tasting, but with steak,” says General Manager Dave Wilson.

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Manny’s divides the meal into seven rounds, playfully riffing on the excitement and intensity of a boxing match. The first round kicks off with a ubiquitous wet-aged filet mignon, a common cut known for its tenderness and its fresh, metallic flavor. Copious pours of wine complement the steaks as they progress from light and silky to rich and pungent throughout the evening.

The final two steaks are true heavy hitters. The New York strip showcases the changes evoked by an extended period (65 days) of dry-aging. “The flavors become earthier and nuttier,” Wilson explains. And the last round brings in a rib eye that’s been dry-aged for a whopping 85 days, yielding a funky, nearly cheesy flavor that will please even the most nuanced of palates.

“By the time you leave, you’ll know what the cuts of meat are, where they come from, how the dry-aging process works and what wines to pair with your meal,” says Wilson. Education is paramount at this modern steak school, but make no mistake: The private dinner is interactive, exciting and a bit over-the-top. Plus, he assures, “there’s no test at the end.”  

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