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In this two-time award-winning Sunfish Lake abode, Lucy Interior Design crafted a living room that incites retreat-like comfort and relaxation, and offers a seamless transition to the outdoors.

“There’s a magic that happened with this room,” explains design principal Lucy Penfield. “The clients partnered so well with our entire team — including Peterssen/Keller Architecture and Elevation Homes — and were very seasoned in design, so it was fun to be at the beginning of that conversation.”

“As we planned the space, I looked for the common threads that carried our clients through their inspiration, which, ultimately, were comfort and clean lines,” she adds. The living room needed to be truly livable for not only the homeowners but also their children, grandchildren and dogs. This led the design team to select fade-resistant performance fabrics that can stand up to not only kids and pets but also to the sunlight that streams in through the myriad windows.

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Penfield and fellow designer Stephanie Lalley used the architecture as a springboard for the interiors, working with the clean, modern lines of the home rather than against them. “We took to neutrals like gallery-white walls and black-framed windows, making the space more about the forms and the furniture,” she says. “We infused sinuous-shaped chairs plus pops of color like citron and turquoise for the pillows, throws, accent tables, and even the books and flowers.”

The beauty of this room’s architecture, she notes, is that you can strip away design elements that might come and go yet maintain a solid foundation that allows for elements of surprise or whimsy at any juncture. “This lets the clients’ story keep unfolding with accents that change in and out,” Penfield says.

“In and out” has another meaning in this space. Sliding glass panel doors extend the invitation from the interior living room to the exterior dining space, a sprawling patio that boasts views of 100-year-old trees and the lake beyond. This harmonious blend of in and out coupled with luxurious livability make this space a success. As Penfield notes, “We’re mindful of design that lasts, that has roots and permanence but still feels fresh and has a little spunk and personality.” A mantra that will always be in style. 

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