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Ryan Burnet

Twin Cities
Bar La Grassa, Barrio, Burch, Crisp & Green, Eastside, Station Pizzeria

Guilty pleasure: Patticake from Yum! It has the perfect frosting-to-cake ratio. We usually eat it during a celebration, so it has become synonymous with happiness in our family.

Go-to simple dish: Simple roasted chicken with sweet potatoes. We use olive oil, rosemary and sea salt.

Currently in your fridge: Almond milk, kombucha, Aspall cider, ground turkey, veggie noodles and hot dogs from Lowry Hill Meats for my daughter, Layla.

Newly discovered ingredient: Turmeric, which I add to everything.

Gastronomic predictions: More kimchi and more boozy Kombucha.

Surprising place to find good food: The North Shore, at the New Scenic Café. The food, service, scenery and wine list are incredible.

Favorite food trend: Healthy fast-casual food. The concept is perfect for our family since we have a young child, attempt to eat clean, healthy food, and need to get in and out of restaurants quickly.

Top chef: Isaac Becker. His food has and will withstand the test of time.

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