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Lindsey Made This is a Minnesota-based illustrator who has created collaborative designs for major international brands including Apple, Nike, Target, Coach and more. Most recently, she teamed up with Galleria Edina to create a larger-than-life FloralPop installation to provide an extra boost of color and happiness to guests throughout the summer season. Here, the artist chats with us about her career journey, her process bringing the FloralPop installation to life and more.

Photography by Lindsey Made This

When did you start creating art?

I started creating art really early on and grew a particular interest while making posterboard projects in school. Then I discovered I could go to art school and make it my actual profession. No science! My style as an artist has really evolved in the past few years, and I’ve landed in a spot creatively that is most true to me as a person and that feels the most natural.

How would you describe your style?

At my core, this girl really does just want to have fun. Popping smiles really do it for me. I combine my not-so-seriousness vibe with as much color as I can muster up and put that into my work.

Do you have a favorite project to date?

I’ve had a lot of loves throughout the years, and FloralPop at the Galleria has truly been one of my favorites. I love that I got to present this work in an iconic retail space that just so happens to be in my own backyard where all of my friends and family can experience it. I also enjoyed the massive scale of the project and that I had the opportunity to produce larger-than-life visuals, digital filters and a tangible fashion item. I had so much fun working with the Galleria and getting to embrace my love for fashion.

Do you have a dream collaboration?

I would love to create my own line of custom sneakers — Nike Air Force 1s in particular.

How do you hope your art impacts the Twin Cities community and beyond?

Art is one of the first things we engage with as children, and I work really hard at pushing a childlike wonder through my work for all ages to enjoy. Ultimately, I hope that my art provides happiness and an escape.

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